The Sun at its zenith blinds my eyes, I watch the flight of the libertine birds stunned and I envy them, a mission has been entrusted to me, a madness has been assigned to me, I walk through the barren field studying and noting what I see, the Sun calls my curiosity, if he spoke, if he could tell me, if looking at him as when I look at a book I could know what it contains and what it knows .. Clouds cross and I stop seeing my beloved Sun, my eyes are blinded little distinguish in around, I bend over and observe the undergrowth cut and torn, little by little the image becomes clear, there are hominid tracks, little by little my pupils return to normal, the prints indicate a fight, the prints are dotted with blood, blood by another fresh side .. I sharpen my sense of hearing, I listen to the insects that live here, I listen to the birds that roam around there, there are no human sound signs; I rejoin to let the air caress my face, I extend my arms in a cross, I raise my head and close my eyes, what a pleasant feeling fills me, freedom induces me, peace shelters me, my hair acquires a life of its own and plays with nature , but something pulls me out of my slumber, something has changed, I sniff and listen …

Grasslands evoked at altitude, under a radiant sun.

The sun returns to be among the clouds, its warmth shelters me, its rays crazy me, I taste my lips before experience, I put my hands in the visor mode and I look at the sky, light blue, a clean blue, just stained by the white clouds, how beautiful it is! I look like ninny, crazy they would tell me, but joyful I am free in broad daylight … Again a strange agent arrives at my nostrils, a distinctive characteristic noise my ears in the distance, cloudy vision , blinded vision, thus sharpening all the senses, I would swear that splashing I hear, putrid smell, can’t be without water in sight, I do not understand, and the sensations grow and grow.

That’s important little, center my existence on the Sun, I look at it again, the breeze continues, the smell .. again .. loaded and putrid! I stop smelling, I close my eyes, I smile at my beloved star king, I give a reverence and which fawn in their pastures I run through the grassland, the vast green grassland, what happiness seizes me, what peace is breathed, no !, no! and no !, breathe .. cloaca !, I open my eyes, my vision trembles, the field begins to disappear ..

A darkness, a blackness, a without Sun.. where has my Eden gone?, it’s the night, it was day, there is no moon, was noon, the situation is much strange, something appears in front of me, something I hear behind me, another world comes, where is my day!, I don’t want another night!, I’m tired of they, Sol come to me again!, but … a cavern I see, a distinguished deep grotto, a dripping of water I hear, I think the meaning of such a drastic change and ..


A dream turned out to be, moreover, a memory was, I curse the day when we wander and we was hide in the cold and gloomy dark depth, although everything has its advantages, arf !. On the other hand, it is exciting to wake up from a long lethargy with such pleasant thoughts, although everything has its drawbacks, arj !.

Here I am, awake again, yes, without being able to move a muscle of my lifeless body, centuries and millennia have had to pass, something must have changed in order to wake up, my body is still inanimate, life will be different, my eyes will not open , it will be, my arms and legs do not respond, humans are not close because I do not hear them in my head, my congeners are still hibernating, maybe, for sure, I hope so, we will all get out of the long rest, the atmosphere here is inside very loaded, since oxygen is already in a very inferior mixture, now it is almost non-existent; a great cavern recondite and hidden in the interior of Mont Blanc has sheltered us for millennia, I have gone every so sometimes to the surface to study, write down and decide if it was the propitious moment of our reappearance, but that happy day had not yet arrived, to point was on several occasions but always came back here to wait ..

Each one of them has to do with a change in the work of homo sapiens sapiens, in the acting of it, in thought or even in believing, then I realized that they have changed but not all, it is the fate of this species, hypocrisy in the highest degree that is spent.

Our ancient cave..

Awake, awak … I have no way of knowing how many years have passed since the last time, I must leave, I must join with humans and I must understand their current culture; Something tells me that it is the moment, something prompts me to go quickly and check, so I calm my mind and do not rush, everything has its moment and should not accelerate that should go slowly, the awakening is a slow and cautious process , your body descends its vital signs to the minimum to survive, your brain enters a hypnotic trance that only with words or pre-established symptoms will come out, the lack of oxygen and low temperatures keep you, the biggest disadvantage is the lack of pigment that goes Increasing gradually, the sun does not reach where you are, and when you get out of the lethargy it can burn you as if you were made of phosphorus, little by little while you live abroad you get used to it, long years must pass to get used to it, but I’m not entirely sure since I never stayed long enough for it.

The known tingling runs through my body, an indescribable pain takes over my being, I think I can never get used to this, in a fetal position I am, as I slept, frayed and undone clothes cover me, no matter what I think, the pain overcomes me, I notice how the lactic acid tries to tear my muscles, I notice how the numbed bones try to move according to the tendons, I notice how the synovial fluids do their function minimally, what suffering so painful!..

There is no solution, only way to cope with it, it helps to remember past stories or experiences, to remember old times, to give an occupation to the mind that is not the present, to deceive it and to feel what is not happening at the moment, what is the pain apart from a succession of nervous impulses ?, let’s say to the mind that it omits them and we occupy our whole system with pleasant sensations.




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I'm an skeptic who navigates adrift in a sea of ​​doubt because of the fragmented and distorted information that comes to us from those who govern us. As Socrates said, "I only know that I don't know anything" and also less than let us know .. The articles I write in Spanish and I translate to English to reach more people with the same content.

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