Nikola Tesla, the great inventor and father of progress

The society we know and live would not be so advanced without the ingenious Nikola Tesla, but who knows if we could already be living on other planets, having let the great Nikola Tesla give free rein to his visionary mind.

Nikola Tesla

Many people don’t know this great name and, nevertheless, recognize Edison or Marconi, among others, who used their patents to enrich themselves and trample on it.

There are many biographies of Tesla if you want to be documented, here we will not list your approximately 300 patents, nor make a timeline of what was your life, we will make you curious about this interesting character.

Have you heard the theories that say he was born on Venus and his people telepathically dictated the details of each invention?.

Nikola Tesla was Serbo-Croatian, soon stood out among his acquaintances inventing objects and entered the company of Edison, a person whom he admired and who would end up being his rival in many aspects, after a few years, he left the company and began his career. Travel in search of money and sponsors; stage in which he failed again and again, letting the opportunity of his life pass to enrich himself with the alternating current and not achieve his goal of generating free electricity for everyone of the world.

He must have been more manic than the protagonist of “As Good as It Gets” and that’s why he earned all the nicknames that were put to him and was the inspiration of very extravagant ideas. Crazy, extraterrestrial, vampire, enlightened, etc. The truth is that he was a genius who did not need to make sketches or plans, he made them and tested them in his mind, then he built everything at the first time, according to what they say.

We would have to examine and know his experiments with the Wanderclyffe Tower for example and also really know what happened in Tunguska, because if he built and everything worked the first time, either he did not create what they say or he did not always do it at the first time, that is very human..

He also invented objects to communicate with the Universe and with the intelligent life that there maybe, in fact, he sent messages and said that some seemed to have answered him. True, false, from another planet, from the interior of our planet, nobody knows it or who knows it, does not say it or did not say it.

There are so many unknowns around this great character that everything that can be read about him is very interesting and never leaves you the same. The truth is that we lost a great opportunity because of the opportunists and those who only seek to enrich themselves..

Tesla died poor and alone at the age of 86 in a hotel room..

Companies and powerful people retain progress and our way of life; and while they continue trampling, hiding and destroying everything that would make us “equal”, we will remain inferior, dispensable and “prisoners” by their power.




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