The immortality of the human being

From the premise “Reality always surpasses fiction” comes this statement about the healing of aging and therefore immortality in terms of natural death.

The gerontologist Aubrey de Grey announces that the human being who will live more than 1,000 years has already been born; the technologists José Luis Cordeiro and David Wood confirm that in a decade it will be possible to stop aging and in two to reverse it.

There are many intellectual personalities who talk about this study, but we will have to wait until 2030-2.045 to corroborate if the life expectancy increases as they say:



Aubrey de Grey

Aubrey de Grey recriminates that money is invested in research against cancer and Alzheimer’s disease that will never be cured, when all that money flow should be directed towards the origin of all evils, aging; and more specifically, it points out the 7 types of damage he causes us:

1. Mutations / nuclear epiphytes that cause cancer

2. Mitochondrial mutations

3.- Intracellular waste

4.- Extracellular waste

5.- Loss of cells

6.- Cellular senescence

7.- Extracellular interconnections



If this is really possible, to me personally, I get a lot of doubts about what will happen to society as we know it, among them:

1.- The overpopulation would be exponential and we would necessarily have to expand throughout the universe during the next century as Stephen Hawking said.

2 .- Those who will have an age when this progress comes, can we rejuvenate and thereby eliminate all the consequences of aging? I’ve something white hair and aches that are already bothering me ..

3.- Will the reproductive age of the human being also be immortal or will it remain perennial?

4.- Even if the treatment of eternal youth is cheaper than a cancer treatment or any other serious illness, do you really believe that it will be accessible to everyone?

5.- The labor world would have to make a substantial change, because if now it seems like an eternity to be 30 years in a company, what would it be to be 700 or 7 thousand? Presumably the service sector would increase to be able to give entertainment to a immortal society that would tend to look more and more how to occupy its longevity. I do not see the sustainability of that society.

6.- In order to achieve total immortality, will they be able to make an backup of the mind to a quantum support or any other middle?

7.- In short, this would be good or bad for the average and low citizen?.


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