The game SpeedMehc

Look, think and click the series of buttons faster than your friends.

It`s a game of speed and acuity visual and cognitive, keep your brain active and be better than others.



Each level is a logical series of successive buttons, with the sample of the first 5 you must guess the series and then get the 25 buttons in record time, against fewer mistakes, higher score and credits.

The current level of the player will haven`t cost and will have a REWARD of 6 credits * n Level and an experience of 100 points * n Level for every second gained at 1min.

Restarting or failing a level game carries a PENALTY of 2 credits * n Level and experience 500 points * n Level.

Repeating a level to improve your brand has a COST of 5 credits * n Level and an experience of 2K points * n Level.

To be able to play a level you must have at least the credits that a failure costs, and if it is repetition, also the cost of repeating it.

If you are registered you will receive 10 FREE credits daily, you can log in from other devices and many more advantages..


To make the game more interesting there are different classifications where you can fight to be the best, you have the general by points, level reached, by countries and points or time in each level, compete with your friends!.


In a next version you will be able to challenge others players, so accumulate credits for when the time comes.


The game is available for Android on GooglePlay:



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