Morfological theories about the Planet Earth

Surely you have read and heard the most varied theories about our Planet Earth; that the Earth is flat defended by the Earth flatist, or the hollow Earth supported by the Vernians until the concave Earth, the rare Earth or many more

If you believe in any, commented here or not, we are pleased that you comment, because with the misinformation that surrounds us everything can be, although everything is hard to believe without seeing it for ourselves.


If I comment all the theories, I would write a book, we will delve into what I consider more plausible and curious within its oddities and improbability. As Socrates said: “I only know that I do not know anything”


Flat Earth

Theory flat Earth

Centuries ago it was believed that this was the universal theory, the Earth was flat and also there was a geocentrism, since it depends on how the morphology of the Earth was represented, everything revolved around us or even as shown in the photo , everything was in the celestial dome that contains us.

In recent years this theory has become fashionable again, despite its improbability, because for this to happen you have to hide too many things at people.

No political person, astronaut, pilot, physicist, google worker, etc etc could say or comment anything about it and would be the best kept secret; that could be the case could be but it seems very unlikely.

The routes of flight would also have to be distorted, the distances marked by Google would be false, the solar and lunar cycles would not coincide, where would gravity come from?, too many doubts arise in this regard ..

Still, I could be wrong and I would be shocked if it were true ..


Hollow Earth

Theory hollow Earth

This theory dictates that the Earth is not a solid sphere with a core fused in the center, but that it is hollow with an internal continent called Agharta and with a Sun in the center of the Planet. There would be a double crust of earth with the tectonic plates in the center and at the poles would be the entrances to the inner world.

The writer Jules Verne supported this theory and wrote “Journey to the center of the Earth” where there was an underground world and not what we believe and teach; The Vernians believe that Verne was a visionary and that everything he wrote is true, in fact it has been shown that some and others look like fantasies, there are really?.

Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd in 1947 during a military mission in Antarctica, said he entered an underground world and found a civilization more advanced than ours that has been watching us for millions of years. The story is very curious and it may be true or maybe in the military tests he had an incredible hallucination, who knows …

For me, personally, it is the theory that I like the most inside the improbable ones. It would explain the OOPART, the UFO sightings, the existence of extraterrestrials that really would be intraterrestrial, Atlantis in some of its versions, etc. It would also be easier to hide because the Poles of the Earth are 2 localized zones and quite inaccessible.

Even so, there are many people who should know and silence, but there are also many inexplicable things with the stories they tell us …


Concave Earth

Theory concave Earth

A simple theory for the human eye but very complex to demonstrate. The theory says that the universe is what we see and everything is inside a sphere, which is, our planet Earth.

The difference with other theories is that we live within the sphere and the sky would be another type of sphere with the universe inverted; our feet would be oriented towards the outside and the head towards the center, moving as if we were inside an egg.

The Sun, the Moon, the Planets, the stars, the galaxies, etc. … would be located in our sky that is the center of the Planet; the mathematician Mustafá A. Abdelkader showed it with formulas thanks to his reversal model, by which, the closer you get to the center of the sky you get smaller and the distances get bigger to travel to planets or galaxies.

It is a curious theory and although it is demonstrated with very complicated mathematical formulas, it seems an implausible investment model that needs, in addition, a doubt that arises is that the horizon line instead of disappearing should not ascend to the sky because it is concave and not convex?.


Rare Earth

It is a theory that argues our existence as a fortuitous and unique case in the whole universe. There is no intelligent life outside of our planet because the likelihood of it forming is negligible.



I have been thinking for some time that we are not the only ones in the universe or we have not been the only ones on Earth, if everything is cyclical there could have been other human civilizations before ours. There are many facts and OOPARTs that are difficult to explain without one of those 2 theories.

From the scepticism, any theory is valid because we do not know the truth, some are more fantastic than others, but reality always surpasses fiction.




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